MEDIA X MUMM is the fair’s first exhibition of avant-garde digital, new media and performance art supported by Official Champagne partner, G.H. Mumm.

G.H Mumm will also be presenting a MEDIA X MUMM CHAMPAGNE BAR and in a fair first, on-demand champagne, powered by SpotHelp. READ MORE
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The Colosseum, 2016

Multimedia, performance
300 cm diameter x 3.5 m H

Ting-Tong Chang (b.Taiwan) creates large-scale installations that look to analyze the relationship between science, technology and society. Chang’s process thrives on the tension between planned and random elements encountered through his live performances.

For MEDIA X MUMM, Chang uses time as a core component of a work titled The Colosseum; a durational installation, which will continue to evolve over the six day fair. Blindfolded when he enters the public space, Chang is confined to a prison-like structure for an average of 8 hours per day, as he draws a panorama of the world around him based only on second-hand imagery provided to him by another artist.



DAYDREAM V.3, 2014

Audiovisual Installation
2 m x 2.5 m x 2.5 m
Bluerider ART, Taipei, Booth F2 

NONOTAK studio is the collaboration between the illustrator Noemi Schipfer and the architect musician Takami Nakamoto. Their work DAYDREAM is an audiovisual installation that generates space distortions. Relationship between space and time, accelerations, contractions, shifts and metamorphosis have been the lexical field of the project. This installation aimed at establishing a physical connection between the virtual space and the real space, blurring the limits and submerging the audience into a short detachment from reality.

Yves Netzhammer

Untitled, 2014

36 projections, objects in wood or textile
Galerie Anita Beckers, Frankfurt, Booth D9 

Yves Netzhammer (b.1970, Switzerland) works in a widely ramified, poetic image-cosmos. He is a pioneer for media art. His drawings, room installations, and computer-enhanced videos fascinate the viewer with their physical charisma and narrative style.

Image (right) B3 Biennale Frankfurt 2015, Museum for Applied Art, Frankfurt (Installation view)


GROWTH, 2016

Mixed media
12 m L x 3.5 m H
Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong, Booth E14 

Growth is a specially commissioned, site-specific installation extending 12 meters in length. The work comprises of ink drawings of varying sizes, including a ten-meter growth; drawings and installations of plant motifs on recycled paper; as well as vines, seeds and florescent lighting, all of which take on a life of their own within the walls of the fair.



Various materials
485 cm x 180 cm x 177 cm
The Container, Tokyo

The Container is a contemporary gallery in Nakameguro, Tokyo, and as the name suggests, the physical space is no more than a constructed shipping container. A replica of the experimental art space has been constructed within the harbourfront venue, to play host to four specially curated projects across the six day fair. 

21-23 March: Jack McLean, Empty Headed Landscapes

Jack McLean presents works from three different, nonetheless related, bodies of work that include large-scale drawings and live performance.

24 March: Yu Araki, Wrong Translation

Yu Araki explores the interaction between the insider and outsider in the video ANGELO LIVES (2014); a site-specific installation inspired by Yu Araki’s recent residency in Santander, Spain, summer 2013. The video, a montage of filmed footage from Spain, Italy, and Japan, along with historical images, paintings, and maps, is a mood board, slowly drawing you into a world of associations and connections.

25 March: Suzanne Mooney, A few light taps upon the pane, no one turns, no reply

A play on a quote from James Joyce’s Dubliners, A few light taps upon the pane, no one turns, no reply, Suzanne Mooney’s work manipulates the photographic print to offer the possibility of weightlessness, shifting planes, scale and textures, allowing the viewer to obsess about the skin or surface of a thing rather than penetrating it.

26 March: Risa Tsunegi, Tell me how to get there

Tell me how to get there is a site-specific installation, a deliberation of the shape and size of the actual container that expertly combines Tsunegi’s interests as a sculptor in the renegotiation of spaces and the creation of illusions.

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