27 March – 1 April 2018

Central Harborfront
Hong Kong


Swarovski returns in 2017 to unveil an interactive, sound installation by London-based, Japanese sound artist YURI SUZUKI for the first time in Asia.

In the installation work, Sharevari, Suzuki explores the use of crystal as an acoustic material by creating a mechanical, interactive crystallophone. The instrument consists of 16 brass mechanical structures or ‘notes’, each one featuring a handmade crystal form, representing tones from c1 up to d3. When brass hammers hit the crystal, the vibrations are translated into beautiful, pure sound. Surrounded by the vibrations of this incredible instrument, audiences will hear original compositions by Suzuki as well as conduct their own harmonies via a network of sensors, making Sharevari a unique and immersive experience.


Images: Sharevari by Yuri Suzuki for Swarovski, © Mark Cocksedge