17 – 22 March 2020

Central Harborfront
Hong Kong


MUMM Grand Cordon Stellar Lounge

For the fourth consecutive year Mumm Champagne is the official champagne partner of Art Central, returning in 2019 with a space odyssey themed lounge.

A natural partnership fit, Mumm Champagne and Art Central share the same values of leading through innovation and pushing boundaries. This year the partnership introduces the Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar Lounge, offering a space odyssey to celebrate the first champagne designed specifically to drink in space – a groundbreaking feat of technology that makes it possible for astronauts and space travelers to enjoy champagne in zero gravity.  The lounge showcases the very exclusive Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar Bottle and offers space odyssey themed photo-ops, live DJ sessions, and Sabrage experiences.

Enjoy Responsibly.




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