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18 – 22 March 2020

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Hong Kong

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Art Central is pleased to announce the return of PROJECTS for its 2020 edition to be curated by Hong Kong-based curator Kyle Chung.

PROJECTS large-scale installations, spatial interventions and immersive experiences break the boundaries of traditional art fair presentations. For the next edition, outstanding projects of new media art have been selected for their innovations in aesthetics, medium, content and/or context.


Presented by Whitestone Gallery

Yang Yongliang, Nine Dragons | 九龙图, Virtual Reality, 10’00’’, 2018. Courtesy of the artist and Whitestone Gallery.


Presented by Admira Gallery


Presented by Karin Weber Gallery

Tung Wing Hong, Hundred Jumps, 2015, No. of edition- 3, CRT TV, digital video, cable tie, motor, 23 x 27 x 45cm. Courtesy of the artist and Karin Weber Gallery.


Presented by Hatch Art Project

Courtesy of the artist and Hatch Art Project


Kyle Chung is a Hong Kong based curator whose recent exhibitions explore the dynamics between technologies, materiality and human agency. Selected exhibitions include Ellen Pau: Time After Time Will Tell at 1961, Singapore; #YOU #ME #ourSELFIES at Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre; One World Exposition 2.1: #like4like at chi K11 art space, Hong Kong; Carla Chan: To Outland at SMAC, Berlin, Germany; Conjunctions and Disjunctions: International Symposium on Electronic Art 2016, Hong Kong; Bright Shadow at The Morgue, London, UK.

Chung has been appointed as Director of Exhibitions at Diversity Arts Festival in Gay Games Hong Kong 2022; Co-Chair of Art Gallery at SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 in Tokyo, Japan; Jury of CynetArt International Festival in Dresden, Germany in 2016. Chung is currently Senior Research Associate in Centre for Applied Computing and Interactive Media, City University of Hong Kong; and Curator at Videotage, Hong Kong.

  • 2019 PROJECTS

    PROJECTS 2019

    PROJECTS 2019 presented a series of thought-provoking, large scale installations situated throughout the Fair.

    Curated by Ying Kwok, PROJECTS 2019 provided Art Central with a platform to support the presentation of contemporary art with aspirations of scale and non-traditional approaches. Kwok is an independent curator noted for her inventive curatorial approach which centres on the ‘boundaries of collaboration’ between curators, artists and the wider community. Ying curated the Hong Kong Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale in 2017. 

    Investigating into historical and cultural narratives through a variety of mediums within a curatorial framework, in 2019 PROJECTS presented six cutting-edge installations featuring ANGELA YUEN (Hong Kong), CHEUK WING NAM (Hong Kong), HERI DONO (Indonesia), LE GIANG (Vietnam), PHUNK (Singapore), and SEUNGEAN CHA (Korea).

    Seungean Cha

    Triple Twill Triptych

    Presented by Atelier Aki

    Korean artist Seungean Cha creates paintings through a weaving method, in reference to Korean and Western modern abstract work. The newly commissioned work to be shown at Art Central is deeply entwined with the idea of time and progress – through the act of weaving, the theme of ‘arranging the time’ is realised by the artist, with the next step of the process not able to happen without observing the time needed to complete the previous one. With the features of her work being both textiles and paintings, these contrasting characteristics allow her to contemplate relationships between painting and weaving, visual representation and tactile existence, and ideas and substance. Cha sees her work as an opportunity to rearrange the tangled time and experiences of the past in conjunction with the present.

    Lê Giang​

    Phản Niệm

    Presented by Vin Gallery

    A traditional building from ancient Vietnam, the đình is a public space for worshipping and communal gatherings. Using the same architectural methods as traditional craftsmen, emerging young artist Lê Giang has recreated four sculptural replications, each holding important values from the Lê dynasty. The corner object, decorated with typical đình motifs, evokes a sense of spatiality found particularly in this traditional architecture, while the altar placed in the center embodies the spiritual core of the structure.  The scroll ornament engraved with the words “Phản Niệm” proposes a variety of associations and underlying questions: Is this a reflection of a memory, or a statement against the idea of conceptualism?

    Angela Yuen

    City Rhapsody – Project Roseate 

    Presented by Contemporary by Angela Li

    Hong Kong artist Angela Yuen’s art practise focuses on urban culture; a tangible expression of the disappearing city’s values and the local cityscape. Angela looks to explore the correlation between urban development and the city’s value via the mediums of installation and photography. City Rhapsody – Project Roseate is an imaginary skyline made from locally sourced manufacturing objects, each marking a significant era from Hong Kong’s manufacturing past in the 1950s and 60s. Using plastic toys, the artist has constructed a series of “dreamscapes” – a fantasy homeland that people from that time may have visualised. The spinning sculpture, meanwhile, resembles the once-endless sprawl, and the motion of spinning is a metaphor of the city’s dynamic movement. The closer people engage with the city, the more complex and dynamic it becomes.

    Cheuk Wing Nam

    AK7 shou3

    Presented by Contemporary by Angela Li

    Hong Kong interdisciplinary artist Cheuk Wing Nam incorporates new elements into a site-specific reworking of the audience participatory Ak7 shou3, an installation comprised of a violin, a cello, cassette players and speakers. With sensors attached to the edge of the installation, sound will be emitted as members of the audience approach the work. Each subtle interaction will influence the delicate balance between the string instruments and the tape, revealing the interrelationship between past, present and future. Cheuk Wing Nam is devoted to developing new concepts by mixing sound and other media with modern computer technology in her art, with an interest to demonstrate the relationships between light and shadow, and between sound and space.



    Presented by Art Seasons

    HOPE, ROCK, KISS, LIVE, presented by Singapore-based contemporary art and design collective PHUNK, aims to evoke positive emotions about the current state of the world, which is filled with uncertainties brought about by technological disruption, climate change, social inequality and political injustice. The artwork is formed by the changing appearance of street posters, where the peeled off layers reveal the impermanence of current events. The aftermath of the paper tears serves as a memorial to the past, and a reminder to embrace change as a renewal of the human spirit.

    Heri Dono

    Smiling Angels from the Sky

    Presented by The Collumns Gallery

    Smiling Angels from the Sky is an installation by renowned Indonesian artist Heri Dono. Known for his characteristic merging of contemporary influences with traditional and folkloric elements, Heri Dono represented Indonesia in the 56th Venice Biennale in 2015 and his works have been acquired by major institutions such as the Deutsche Guggenheim, the Fukuoka Art Museum, the Singapore Art Museum, the National Gallery of Australia, and the Tropenmuseum, among others. A recurring element of Heri Dono’s work, the angels are unrelated to any particular religion but are a symbol of the ethereal spirit. 

    In this iconic configuration, Heri Dono’s smiling angels represent enthusiasm in facing the future. The angels who come from the sky are a symbol of the discourse of life, where imagination, fantasy, dreams inspire the building a noble life, culture and civilization for humans and the wider universe; bringing ‘Chakra’ energy from the gods, the fire of life.




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