17 – 22 March 2020

Central Harborfront
Hong Kong



Swarovski returned as an Official Partner of Art Central in 2019, presenting an immersive installation by Steve Leung.

Steve Leung is a veteran in architect, interior and product design from Hong Kong. His work reflects this project’s unique characteristics with his contemporary touch, taking inspirations from the Asian art culture.

The installation discovers the tranquil dimension of an ancient oriental village, where endless floating lanterns infuse the space with suffused light, defining an ethereal ambience that celebrates the beauty of Chinese traditional arts. A meticulous selection of Swarovski crystal beads have been put together to create the lantern series, generating a mesmerising blaze. Flowing Shan Shui landscape images are projected on the floor recalling Chinese natural scenery, and giving a final poetic touch to this enchanting journey.


    Presenting collections of covetable home accessories created in collaboration with the world’s leading design talents

    Atelier Swarovski presents its collections of covetable home accessories created in collaboration with the world’s leading design talents at Art Central 2019. On view are a stunning showcase of innovative design and superior craftsmanship. Inspired and informed by crystal as a creative material, the pieces push the boundaries of crystal artistry with their unique expressions of form.

    First showcased at Milan Design Week in April 2018, the latest Atelier Swarovski home décor collections include collaborations with British architectural designer John Pawson and Japanese studio Nendo. John Pawson’s ‘Vessels’ collection is a series of considered and minimalist candle holders, vases and bowls in Clear crystal, designed with fine, irregular facets; and Nendo’s ‘Softpond’ collection is a series of solid crystal bowls inspired by water and nature, available in Montana Blue or Emerald crystal.

    Alongside the designer collaborations, Atelier Swarovski presents its debut in-house collection. Designed under the creative direction of Nadja Swarovski, the collection includes a wide range of home décor pieces, from scented candles, trays and jewelry boxes to desktop accessories, vases and candle holders, showcasing Swarovski’s 120-year heritage of crystal creativity and craftmanship.

    Find out more about the rest of Art Central’s 2019 programming HERE

    Fredrikson Stallard orchid vase (3) copy



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