27 – 31 March 2019

Central Harborfront
Hong Kong


PROJECTS presented a series of 6 thought-provoking, large scale installations situated throughout the Fair.

Curated by emerging talent Jims Lam Chi Hang (recognised as one of Forbes 30 under 30 in Asia in 2016) PROJECTS showcased large-scale installations united by their tactile characteristics. For 2017 each work was an expression of social commentary prompting a dialogue with the viewer and their surroundings. Positioned across the Fair the selection featured 6 progressive artists, including Glen Hayward, Tang Jie, Simon Pericich, Hannah Quinlivan, Santi Wangchuan,  and China’s Political Pop master, Yu Youhan who produced a new work for Art Central.

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Glen Hayward

Everyday People (2017)
Wood, paint
Dimensions variable 
Courtesy of PAULNACHE

Everyday People is a large-scale, site specific installation by New Zealand-born sculptor Glen Hayward, of over 1000+ hand carved rusty nails, snails and cigarettes (created from wood and paint) inserted directly into a feature wall at Art Central. Inspired by the dichotomy of Hong Kong’s national identity, the artist plays on the notion of the individual versus the collective. Over a thousand wooden nails scattered across a wall carry their individual marking but are also part of a larger collective. The choice of material contradicts the inherent qualities of the depicted object; questioning the values of one’s portrayed identity.

Tang Jie

Stone Story (2015)
Stone, drum, mechanical parts
400 x 200 x 200 cm
Courtesy of Line Gallery

Having grown up in the countryside of Hunan Province, the Tang Jie yearns for the natural environment in the midst of a buzzing metropolis. He seeks to achieve this dynamic by incorporating natural and industrial elements in his works and the Fair provides a perfect setting. Tang Jie believes that the object themselves are “story tellers”, and in Stone Story, he integrates objects of opposing characters to explore the natural principles of life and the universe together with the viewer.

Simon Pericich

!!!ALL TOGETHER NOW!!! (2017)
Local garbage and shopping bags, glitter, tape
Dimensions variable 
Courtesy of MARS Gallery

!!!ALL TOGETHER NOW!!! is a site specific installation made from melted plastic garbage bags, coated in glitter. Contrary to its inexpensive and hollow material existence, the installation asserts a grandiose and ominous presence. Simon Pericich’s practice explores dystopic visions of the future, apocalyptic ideas and what he has described as the “hilariously doomed nature of humanity”. Positioned right at the Fair entrance, the installation welcomes visitors with a critique of the commercial art landscape.

Hannah Quinlivan

Anodized aluminium wire, nylon, salt and shadow (2017)
Dimensions variable 
Courtesy of .M Contemporary

Inspired by Henri Lefebvre’s Rythmanalysis, Quinlivan will use ephemeral spatial drawing to apprehend and intervene in the rhythms of urban life and capture the dynamism of the Fair. The artist will develop the artwork in two stages where she will first install the mesh of wire and nylon component prior to the Fair opening. She will then spend the duration of the art fair to complete the salt component of the drawing in a manner that responds to the first phase of the installation and to the energy and flux of bodies in motion at Art Central. This dialectical performance approach constitutes a response to the Fair itself, its temporalities, its flows and its spaces.

Santi Wangchuan

My local way of life (2016)
Rope, thread, fibre
300 x 100 x 1000 cm (3 round sculptures)
Courtesy of Yeo Workshop

Thai artist, Santi Wangchuan introduces elements of his hometown culture and lifestyle in a large-scale installation consisting of three intricately woven "My local way of life" garlands approximately 10 meters tall. These garlands are monumental structures made by different villages to honour the Buddha during special festivals in Thailand. The installation, using rope, thread and fiber, will reinterpret this unique culture of the E-sarn region.

Yu Youhan

Mosaic - detail (2017)
450 x 150 cm
Courtesy of Rén Space

For Art Central 2017, Rén Space will showcase a new masterpiece by Yu Youhan. The work is a culmination of his exploration with old materials and new techniques that presents his artistic expression in the largest scale to date. Yu Youhan is a revered and pioneering first generation contemporary Chinese artist who is widely considered as the father of abstract paintings and political pop in China.