MARCH 2025



Art and the Movies (sponsored by AXS Asia)

Saturday March 14, 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Speakers: Joyce Wang (Hong Kong-based designer), Fanny Pereire (fine art consultant for films) and Fiona Kotur Marin (accessories designer). Moderator: Alexandra Seno (arts and culture writer)

Architect Joyce Wang, accessories designer Fiona Kotur Marin and Hollywood film art curator Fanny Pereire discuss movies as creative inspiration and putting fine art in films.

New Media Arts: The Transgression of the Practical and Symbolic Boundaries of Art?

Saturday 14 March, 3pm -4pm

Speakers: Kingsley Ng (Artist), Yang Yeung (Curator, Founder/Director of Soundpocket) and Island 6 (Thomas Charvériat and Jean Le Guyader). Moderator: Isaac Leung (Chairman, Videotage)

This panel aims to explore the current trends of media arts, with the intention of uncovering how new modes of production, distribution, and exhibition have fundamentally changed the landscape of cultures.

From Under the Umbrella: Art, Creativity and HK’s Evolving Identity (sponsored by Creative City)

Sunday 15 March, 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Speakers: Douglas Young (Co-founder & Creative Director, GOD), Jenny Suen (Filmmaker, “Hong Kong Trilogy”) and Patricia Choi (Design Educator). Moderator: Louise Wong (Editor and Co-founder of Creative City)

Hong Kong creatives discuss the city’s changing sense of identity through artistic expression. 

The New Ink Generation: Young Artists on What the Classical Ink Painting Tradition Means to Them

Sunday 15 March, 3pm -4pm

Speakers: Hung Fai (Hong Kong-based artist), Hong Wai (Macau & Paris based-artist), Peng Wei (Beijing-based artist) and Ni Youyu (Shanghai-based artist). Moderator: Tiffany Beres (Curator)

This forum will invite four emerging young artists whose artistic voice meaningfully references the age-old ‘ink aesthetic’ with the use of new artistic media and techniques. During the forum, these neo-traditionalist artists will discuss their artistic practice, and how they have been able to transform, extend and reconstruct the ink tradition in a postmodern context.

Downloading the King of Kowloon in Brooklyn: The New Global Relevance of Local Art (sponsored by Google Cultural Institute)

Monday 16 Mach, 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Speakers: Lauren Nemroff, Ph.D.  (Program Manager, Google Cultural Institute), David Smith (Head of Digital, Asia Art Archive). Moderator: Jehan Chu (Art Advisor) 

The Internet has facilitated new and powerful tools to capture and disseminate information in the art world. From email to Instagram, the exchange of ideas and broadcast of imagery is creating awareness and resonance that was previously limited by language, culture and geography. With Hong Kong’s cultural icon the King of Kowloon (Tsang Tsou-choi) as a starting point, this panel will discuss how technology is creating new global audiences for local art.

Hong Kong Redefined: The Urban Context in Art

Monday, 16 March, 3pm -4pm

Speakers: Artists Sim Chan, Stanley Siu, Movana Chen, and South Ho. Moderator: Laure Raibaut (Senior Specialist, Asian 20th Century and Contemporary Art, Christie’s)

This panel invites four native Hong Kong artists, with divergent yet complimentary practices, to comment on how the urban context has inspired them.

MARCH 2025