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2023 TALKS

Collecting Against the Grain

Tuesday 21 March 2023, 4pm

The art world feeds off social topics, shock value, and trends. We invite art collectors to discuss their journeys in art collecting, and whether their approach to art collecting has shifted.

Speakers: Collectors Sharon Cheng, Vernon Ho, Bonnie Lau
Moderator: Luyang Jiang, President & CSO, The Baer Faxt

Blue Throat: Start the Churning

Tuesday 21 March 2023, 6pm

Curators Chris Wan and Jeremy Ip discuss the Fair’s special exhibition. With artist participation.

Speakers: Chris Wan, Art Central 2023 Curatorial Advisor; Jeremy Ip, Curator and Founder, Wure Area, Hong Kong

Drifting in (Art) Spectacle

Wednesday 22 March 2023, 4pm

Four multi-media artists gather to discuss their artistic participation in this year’s Yi Tai Sculpture and Installation Projects sector, the fair’s platform for immersive installations, in conversation with the curator.

Speakers: Artists BAHK, Bev Butkow, Huo Yun, Clara Wong

Moderator: Chris Wan, Art Central 2023 Curatorial Advisor

In Conversation: The Art of Sound

Wednesday 22 March 2023, 6pm

In this panel discussion, the conversation correlates with the making of The Metaverse Symphony – the world’s first symphonic work to be performed in both a concert hall and the metaverse – in May 2023. Co-commissioned by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and Asia Society Hong Kong Center, the metaverse performance will take place in a re-creation of Hong Kong’s iconic Statue Square.

Speakers: Henry Chu (digital artist), Elliot Leung (composer)

Moderator: Emmanuel Hui (music producer)

Making Your Name: The Trajectory of Contemporary Artists

Thursday 23 March 2023, 2pm

In this talk moderated by one of Hong Kong’s leading academic voices, three contemporary artists share their creative journeys and artistic practices, and what it takes to establish oneself in the art community and beyond.

Speakers: Artists Lindy Lee, Ticko Liu , Glary Wu

Moderator: Ms. Janet Fong, Research Assistant Professor, AVA, SCA, HKBU

Looking Forward: Hong Kong as an International Art Hub

Thursday 23 March 2023, 4pm

Hong Kong is quickly rebounding as a leading international hub for contemporary art. In this discussion, speakers from distinct creative fields share insights on how the Hong Kong art world is emerging from the pandemic – and what projects and patterns we can look forward to.

Speakers: Teresa Kwong, Programme Director, Hong Kong Arts Centre; Sunnie Lau, Director, MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node; Sally Yeung, Curator, Po Leung Kuk Museum

Moderator: Jennifer Pratt, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Artsy

The Healing Power of Art

Friday 24 March 2023, 2pm

How can art help you heal? In this panel discussion, four voices will share their professional insights and raise questions about the therapeutic nature of art that may provide an added dimension to artmaking and art appreciation.

Speakers: Grace Cheng, Director, Art in Hospital; William Chow, Associate Fellow, Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association; Laurence Wood, Professor, Department of Cultural and Creative Arts, The Education University of Hong Kong

Moderator: Joyce Ng, Head of Gallery and Exhibitions, Asia Society Hong Kong Center

The Challenge of Curation

Friday 24 March 2023, 4pm

The term ‘curation’ has been propagated into many forms. In this panel discussion, speakers will explain the ongoing challenges that they embark on through their local and international curatorial practices.

Speakers: Wong Sze Wai, artist; Timothy Wong, Head of Arts and Creative Industries, British Council; Zoie Yung, independent curator

Moderator: Prof. Yu-Chieh Li, Programme Director of MA in Curating and Art History, Lingnan University of Hong Kong

Teaching the Next Generation

Saturday 25 March 2023, 2pm

Education has radically evolved in recent years. Invigorating our next generation about arts and culture, in particular, has been impacted due to the absence of in-person experiences. In this education-focused discussion, we ask our speakers to share their future plans about what to teach, and how to teach well.

Speakers: Bernardo Coronardo Guerra, Program Manager, Shuyan Studio, The ISF Academy; Alejandro Reyes, Director of Knowledge Dissemination, Asia Global Institute, HKU; Michael Whittle, Assistant Research Professor, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University.

Moderator: Amanda Lee, Assistant Curator, Asia Society Hong Kong Center


Citrus Worlds invites us to a refreshment of ten Hong Kong artists’ digital narrations. Encompassing interpretations of absurdity, odes, fairytales, and observations, the artists’ creative visions are emulated into forms of multi-media works. From the artists Herman Chan, Jeff Cheng, Choi Sai Ho, Colbie Fung, Lau Wai, Florence Lee, Masahiro Nakamura, So Siu, and Tsui Hou Lam and Winsome Wong. These selected works offer a tart reminder on revisiting memories and embracing fantasy, welcoming everyone to dive into the world of digital fun and immersion!

Citrus Worlds I

Winsome Wong, The Forest Where the Deer Sleeps, 2021, 20’02”
Winsome Wong, Vi de O, 2016 – 17, 06’31”

Pictured: Winsome Wong, The Forest Where the Deer Sleeps (video still), 2021, 20’02”. Courtesy of the artist.

Cirtus Worlds II

Colbie Fung, Careless Sun, 2021, 03’53”
Florence Lee, Elephant in Castle, 2021, 04’50”
So Siu, The Leftover Pieces, 2022, 01’31”
Tsui Hou Lam, Crystal Foam, 2022, 02’22”
Tsui Hou Lam, our love is not destined, 2022, 03’21”
Masahiro Nakamura, Agnes Chan – Hong Kong, Hong Kong (1982 vs. 2020), 2022, 03’20”

Pictured: Tsui Hou Lam, our love is not destined (video still), 2022, 03’21”. Courtesy of the artist.

Citrus Worlds III

Lau Wai, T318k V399k, 2021, 01’00”
Choi Sai Ho, Critical Era, 2021, 02’00”
Choi Sai Ho, Rush, 2022, 02’44”

Pictured: Choi Sai Ho, Rush (video still), 2022, 02’44”. Courtesy of the artist.

Citrus Worlds IV

Lau Wai, Feed 3.0, 2021, 04’45”
Lau Wai, I am invincible…on the screen/ False, 2019 – 20, 03’31”
Herman Chan, The Only Thing I Can Do Is Talking In My Sleep, 2022, 06’27”

Pictured: Lau Wai, I am invincible…on the screen/ False (video still), 2019 – 20, 03’31”. Courtesy of the artist.
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