MARCH 2025

Performance Programme

Over the five-day run of the Fair, four performance artists delivered a series of intimate displays of movement thematically centred on displacement, personal discovery, and survival. 

Performances were held in the Talks Theatre, and presented by Asia Society Hong Kong Center. Watch recordings of these performances on Facebook.

Kensa Hung and Kiwi Chan

Pack / Unpack

In between packing and unpacking, we are experiencing homelessness.

From the collective experience of packing/ unpacking, a conflicted performance with 5 scenes will be derived from some keywords: Select / Eliminate; Drag / Drop; Gather / Dismiss; Expose / Dissemble, & Grounding / Uprooting.

Natasha Cheung

She Taut

The female Asian body is stereotypically treated as an exoticised and ambiguous object, simultaneously bounded and amorphous. Through generations, elements of Chinese culture and identity have been carefully as well as randomly selected as a means of survival within Cheung’s personal identity, descended from Chinese diaspora spanning but not limited to Panama, the Philippines, Australia and Hong Kong. Performing through her queerness, Cheung pulls taut what elements she takes advantage through as well as what her body is subject to, inviting us to experience the paradoxical evolution of feminine diasporic survival.

Stephanie Keung

54 of 206

54 of 206 is an ongoing movement-research-into-choreography project curious about the possibilities of images, perhaps eventually stories can be created by the detailed articulation of (not only) fingers, palms, and wrist. It was fundamentally a personal discovery to further develop the artistic voice of Stephanie Keung through human body movement research. The name of the project is inspired by the 54 bones in human hands and wrists with a total of 206 bones in average human anatomy, which describes the starting point of the project mainly focusing on the above specific body parts without neglecting the rest.

About the Artists

Kensa Hung, a multifaceted artist familiar in working with a variety of media with works including drawings, paintings, sculptures, and manga. He has been drawing since an early age, with a fascination with mother nature, his creations were often influenced by living creatures and illustrated guides (Botanical and Zoological). He later on developed an interest in Chinese calligraphy, after years of practice he infiltrated the eastern aesthetic into his artworks.

Kiwi Chan, an independent performing artist whom creations focus on Butoh, experimental theatre, and site-specific dance. She enjoys the dilemma of body, Butoh and Contact Improvisation have been her biggest inspiration since 2012. She devotes herself to contemporary theatre, as she believes that performing art is the best field for sharing the presence.

Natasha Cheung (b. 1998, Sydney, Australia) received her BA in Fine Arts and Visual Studies from the University of Pennsylvania in 2020 and her MA in History of Art and Archaeology from SOAS, University of London in 2021. In particular, she is interested in the languages and belief structures constructed to describe sight and vision and making visible how these non-neutral interfaces have contributed to continued colonial imaginaries as well as how to manipulate these languages to render the absurdity of our reality. 

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Stephanie Keung is a contemporary dance artist who graduated from Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, the Bachelor of Arts program in the Northern School of Contemporary Dance with First Honour, and studied in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Keung had also been involved with various art forms, such as photography. Since she believes that her expression to the world should not be limited in one single form, she would like her art piece to be inspirational and stimulate audience’s attention to the world and their own selves.

MARCH 2025