26 - 30 MARCH 2025

A sequence of virtual tours of galleries, museums to cultural institutions from around the world led by docents, curators, and directors. We dive into the adventures and explorations of unfamiliar worlds and bring them into focus. Take a walk-through exhibitions, permanent collections and studios, from tales of the works and sharing the voices of the artists, to techniques, and history.

Asia Society Triennial, New York, with curator Michelle Yun

Wednesday 19 May 2021, 3pm

Join us for this virtual tour of Part 2 of the Asia Society Triennial, which was on view at Asia Society Museum and select locations around New York City during Art Central 2021. The inaugural edition of the Asia Society Triennial, titled “We Do Not Dream Alone”, features more than forty artists working across disciplines from more than twenty countries and is composed of an exhibition, as well as online artist talks, forums, and performances.

Border Crossings North and South Korean Art from the Sigg Collection, at Kunstmuseum Bern, with Kathleen Bühler

Thursday 20 May 2021, 3pm

Chief Curator Dr. Kathleen Bühler leads us through this exhibition which allows the public to take a close look at the Korean Peninsula, divided since 1953. A 250-kilometre border of barbed-wire fences and tank barriers divides Korea into two states that could not be more different. The art made concurrently in both states is also divergent. In the North a socialist-realist tradition of painting is cultivated, while in the South a vital contemporary art scene makes use of a diverse range of pictorial and media languages in order to serve their concerns. These contrasting views of the world enter into a dialogue in the exhibition, and invite the visitor to approach both the history and the present of Korea.

Joan Miró Collection, with Museum Director Marko Daniel

Sunday 23 May 2021, 4pm

Join the director of Fundació Joan Miró, Marko Daniel who takes us on a virtual itinerary through the Joan Miró Collection including some of our most treasured works by the artist. The collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures and works on paper displayed at the Fundació is one of the most comprehensive selections of Miró’s oeuvre, offering a thorough overview of all the stages of his life and career. Marko discusses Miró’s personal language, the dialogue between the works and the space that houses them and much more.

26 - 30 MARCH 2025