MARCH 2025

Contemporary Art In Greater Asia

Speakers: Haffendi Anuar (Artist – Richard Koh Fine Art, Booth B2), Bemebol Dela Cruz (Artist – Finale Art File, Booth A3), Tiffany Chung (Artist), Mehradad Sadri (Artist – Galerie Huit, Booth C5), and Shazia Sikander (Artist)
Moderator: Alex Errera (Founder of

This panel of renowned and up-and-coming artists from the Greater Asian region will venture into some of the factors surrounding their successes, from influences at home and abroad, to ideas of illusion, war, mass construction, violence and volatile cultural histories.

Wednesday 23 March 2016, 12pm

An Artist's Relationship With Printmaking

Speakers: Cathy Lanigan-O’keeffe (Editions Manager, Bronze Orchid Ltd), Jung Lee (Founder of Rén Space, Booth A7), Yung Sau Mui (Artist, Programme Director of Hong Kong Open Printshop, Museum Expert Adviser (Hong Kong Art) of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department) and Yu Youhan (Artist – Rén Space, Booth A7)
Moderator: Charlotte Nunn (Specialist and Head of Sale for Prints, Photographs and Works on Paper with Bonhams)

This panel discussion will aim to explore the centuries old relationship between an artist, printmaking as an art practice and the processes involved with bringing a limited edition to market. How does an artist, through his use and choice of media, define his identity and what role does the master printmaker, publisher and museum institution play in assisting this process?

Wednesday 23 March 2016, 3pm

New Paradigms of Art in the Age of Technology

Speakers: Fei Jun (Artist), Suzanne Mooney (Artist), and Gina Wong (Founder of Experimenta)
Moderator: Anita Beckers (Founder of Galerie Anita Beckers, Booth D9)

Digital media and technology has in recent years become a progressively functional platform to create and develop works that can unite, engage and produce a dialogue between artists and their audience. This panel aims to provide a basic distinction between digital art and new media and address how the medium is defined by curators, artists and collectors.

Thursday 24 March 2016, 12pm

The Flexibility Of The Not-For-Profit Art Organisation

Speakers: Dominique Chan (Head of Gallery and Exhibition of Asia Society Hong Kong Centre), Cosmin Costinas (Director of Para Site Hong Kong), Christina Li (Director of Spring Workshop, Hong Kong), and You Yang (Director of Observation Society, Guangzhou)
Moderator: Mikala Tai (Director of 4A Centre of Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney)

This panel addresses the role of the not-for-profit organisation in contemporary Asian art. These small but nimble organisations play critical roles in the discourse of contemporary art through their programs. This discussion features four leading not-for-profit organisations within the region as they address the roles they play within the ecology of the contemporary Asian art world.

Friday 25 March 2016, 12pm

The Curator and the Cultivator: Asian Art for a Global Audience

Speakers: Susan L. Beningson (Assistant Curator of Asian Art, Brooklyn Museum), Aaron Seeto (Curatorial Manager, Asia and Pacific Art, Queensland Art Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art), and Karin G. Oen (Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art, San Francisco Asian Art Museum)
Moderator: Alice Mong (Director of Asia Society Hong Kong Centre)

This high calibre panel discussion will follow the path of Asian Art on a global scale and provide an insight into what curators of Asian art need to consider when organizing exhibitions and forming collections for audiences outside of Asia.

Saturday 26 March 2016, 3pm

MARCH 2025