28–31 MARCH 2024

In this virtual collaboration, five ground-breaking multi-media artists, Cao Shu, Winnie Yan, Cheng Hung Dony, Choi Sai Ho, and Joseph Chen share with us their digital worlds through works that document their changing perspectives on life, the internet, and fictional journeys of discovery. This showcase will reconstruct their expansive creative bodies and careers and examines how digital worlds can affect our perception of art.

Joseph Chen

Sleeptripping Dualogy, 2018–2019

Sleeptripping Dualogy is a series of two docu-fictional travelogues, “Chungking Detour” and “Siam Rehab”. These two pieces are born from artist Joseph Chen’s tours and dreams during a trip to Thailand and to Chongqing, a Chinese municipality that is the largest urban area in the world. In the travelogues, the artist finds himself occupying different realities, through the spiritual and mental state of a tourist and a dreamer.

Winnie Yan

Localized Blindness, 2019

Constructed in the form of an eye test/observational diagnosis, Localized Blindness is a semi-autobiographical video that documents several internal monologues: What is left after the passing of an individual? It’s between me – an individual who witnessed consecutive passings; another me – an observational being who observed the changes of my accompany and the surrounding; and the other voices, all that echo the distance between the subject and the outsider.

Cao Shu

Tristes North Temperate Zone, 2018

This series starts with a tile, the first picture I have ever remembered. Later, after many years of training in remembering dreams, I gradually remembered that the shape of the fast ceramic tile was the floor tile of the toilet when I was more than one year old before my family moved for the first time. Later, I found the mapping of the floor tile in the mapping Library of 3D software. It is also a product of a certain era on the industrial assembly line. Coincidentally, Alastair’s novel Zima Blue is also about a ceramic tile produced on an industrial assembly line.  I started with the tile in my home. Through dream records and family descriptions, I slowly assembled all the things about that home with 3D software. That space is also the place where the fragments of dreams in different periods occur repeatedly, a high-dimensional room that folds the lives of different ages into.

Cao Shu

The One Who Lived Yesterday, 2019

A voice runs through the film, the anonymous, dreamlike speaker is telling a story about yesterday. The voice of the speaker seems to come from a different place,  from a different “incarnation”, while the speaker himself is hiding. Each of its incarnations is the shaper of “This yesterday,” and yesterday is just made up the future.  “People who live Yesterday” is a digitally simulated image, continuing the author’s exploration of digital existence, multi-angle of view, and spatial narration.

Choi Sai Ho

Black Moon, 2019

2019 is the 50th anniversary of human beings landing on the moon. These visuals re-imagine the moon in another perspective with the help of computer animation, and express the moon in a dynamic way. The visuals of Black Moon include computer graphic footage creating the moon with different effects, such as red building towers simulating urban areas on the moon surface and computer-made moon surface close-ups. The editing techniques used enlarging, diminishing and rotating the visuals, matching the shapes of different objects, and at the same time, the visuals synchronizing the rhythm of music for certain areas.

Visuals by CHOI Sai-Ho and LAM Chi-Fai Jason
Music composed by CHOI Sai-Ho and Jing WONG
Lyrics and vocals by Jing WONG
Music arranged and produced by CHOI Sai-Ho
Music performed by CHOI Sai-Ho featuring Jing WONG

Choi Sai Ho

Signals, 2020

Choi Sai-Ho’s music piece “Signals” was chosen by the music festival Sónar Calling and “Signals” was encoded into “0” & “1”, and sent to a far-away potentially habitable exoplanet called GJ273b in May 2018. Choi Sai-Ho and Lam Chi-Fai Jason subsequently use the same codes of “0” & “1” to make the visuals with red and blue objects representing “0” & “1” respectively. The video consists of 15 animation clips and each clip shows the “0” & “1” pattern started from a random position. The editing techniques used enlarging, diminishing and rotating the visuals, matching the shapes, and the visuals synchronizing the rhythm of music for certain areas. Continuing to explore the diversity of the artworks resonates with the long history of human aspirations in exploring the universe.

Music by CHOI Sai-Ho
Visuals by CHOI Sai-Ho and LAM Chi-Fai Jason

Cheng Hung Dony

Sunset as a Place, 2020

This perfectly calm place that I am searching for, does it exist?

28–31 MARCH 2024